Friday, April 18, 2014

Tidied up

It was a busy day setting up in the sewing room.

First I cut three dresses for my daughter - same pattern, different trim.  I've even cut a small peter-pan collar for one of them, we'll see how it plays out.  If it works, it will be *adorable*.  If not, we can just go with dress-as-is.

Then I got sick of my scraps attacking me and shoving things in my various stash keepers and having it attack.  While yes, I have a lot of fabric - especially after I got crazy at the fabric store and with that linen - some of it isn't stuff I'm sewing up right this second.  (I have quite a lot of wool that my mom has picked up when she's driven through the NW... aka where the Pendleton wool outlet store is.  Hoarding?  Yes.  Need a lot of wool in SoCal?  No, not really).  And while I *do* want to sew up a quilt some day - the scraps for same don't need premium real estate.

And anyway, things just sprawl out as you work in a space.  Or, well - in my workspaces they do.  So.

I've mentioned that I sew in an enclosed patio?  Okies.  So - left to right, top to bottom:
 Flannel scrap (baby toys, rice wraps, etc), quilt scraps, my suit pattern for the red suit (Gertie), and a pretty box my husband got me.
Next row - sheets to cut up for muslins/trial garments.  This is what happens when you start telling people, "I'll take your old sheets."  My embroidery bag.  A box of older patterns.
Next row:  Phone, starch, a tailor's ham and a box of odd notions.  My sewing notebooks, and a book on corsetry.  Box of patterns.  Box of lace & ribbon.  Box of patterns.
Bottom:  Betsy.  My sewing box.  Bags of current projects (I put all 9yo's dresses in individual bags, with the trims I thought would like nice with them.  I have a sundress in there too).  And then I have the white linen from the priests' garments.  I really must sew up those hats so I can give the bolt of fabric to the *church* to store.  They have more room than I do!  And a spinner of all the colors of thread that my BFF got me for Christmas.  It's come in quite handy... :)

Ironing board, sewing machine, proper stable table to sew on.  The chest mostly has fabric in it, as does a hope-chest you can't see in this picture.  And a couple of dresses that want ironing.

It's not super fabu, but I enjoy my space and spend a ton of time in it.  Hope you enjoyed seeing it!

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