Thursday, April 17, 2014

Top Secret Post!

Okay.  Not like anyone who reads this blog knows my dad... but if you DO... don't tell!

When I went on my linen buying rampage, I found some great cold-beige/warm taupe linen.  I've been wanting to make my dad something, and he needs to wear long-sleeved shirts to keep out of the sun.  He used to wear styles similar to this in the Peace Corps (back in the daaaaay) and he wore them until they turned into rags... so I figure he'll like the pattern (the folkwear pattern I used for the priests' robes for church, only at shirt length).

SO pleased with how my very simple embroidery came out.  Really, other than some bits where the fold-overs are trying to unfold, I'm totally pleased with this shirt.

No one tell my dad!  :D  It's going to be an early birthday present.

Detail of the details

And the big (albeit rumpled) picture.


  1. That looks fantastic. You know, reading your blog makes me seriously want to learn how to sew. Not that I actually dare, mind you, but I want to.

    And Happy Easter to you and your family. :-)

    1. I think anyone can learn to sew. How meticulous are you? I am NOT, so my sewing journey has been longer than other people's. (I've seen posts by people who started out with incredibly difficult sews).

      Start by making a pillow. Or simple curtains. Just straight stitching, nothing fancy. Then if garment sewing is your game, go to simple A line skirts. I started with a wrap skirt - no closures (no zipper, no buttons, no nothin) and that was good. Then simple skirts with closures. Then... you add another skill-to-learn as you get solid at the old ones. Same as with any skill.

      Practice, practice! :)

      Thank you - I'm hoping my dad will enjoy it. And Happy Easter to you! :D I'll be around, I'm sure.


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