Monday, May 19, 2014

Dress Finished, and more musings

I finished the dress... was a bit bummed, the leftover lace I'd planned to use on the hem wasn't long enough.  So we went to plan B and used a bit more embroidery to enhance it.

Pleased with the construction - french seams throughout, and I put wee triangles of embroidery at the bottoms of the pockets for extra strength.  (10yo girls USE their pockets, you know).

 (I'm trying out new ways to photograph my makes... .)

You know I'm really lucky that I don't have to fight with my daughter about wearing clothes like this - she likes this "younger" look.  If she wasn't outsized of the kiddie clothing, maybe it would be more of a problem (heaven save us from the clothing offerings for girls seven and older) but ... yeah, she likes wearing loose dresses.  For all the messing, this is a "go to school, go to the grocery store, look decent and unstained" dress, it's not meant to be fancy-wear.  (She will occasionally still sleep in these).

Up next - it's time to make shirts!  :D  I know I have other things cut and waiting for me.  Your point?  ;)  No, seriously.  The hubby's shirt collection is sad, and I keep buying shirting for him.  It's only a savings (and it IS a savings) if I make them up!!  (I've been able to find ONE place that sells shirts for 6'4" men that are slim-cut ... they run $40+.  And I just checked... they don't even carry the tall+slim shirts anymore.  We're to "slightly tailored").  A shirt, even for my tall husband, is 2.5 yards or so in the short-sleeve... well, you do the math.

My current shirting stash.  One pattern.  I'll get all this cut at once.  The plaid will be a bit of fussing (a bit...) but the other two should cut right out.  (Both blues are linen.  100% linen.  I wonder if he knows how spoilt he's going to be??)  Remind me how happy I am that the regular blues don't have stripes to align?

DH has a term for my sitting in the corner stuffing my feelings in a box:  Chewing my nose.  It gives you such the picture.  But if I do this thing where I say "Oh no worries, me last!" all the time... yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing.  Unnecessary, unwanted martyring.  -eyeroll-  No one MINDS me going after being good at things... except me.  Because if I say, "I'm doing this" or "I'm a seamstress" or even, "I designed that!"  (which I do occasionally when I get really happy with the frankenstiening process) that's a step up from "I sew some of our things".  It puts me out on an emotional ledge.  It makes me feel like I've got to get my game up.  You know?

Anyhow.  Time to drug the dog and tell the 10yo to go to bed... :)


  1. Miss Hearthie - you are putting so many conditions and unnecessary obligations on yourself.

    God has granted you a gift (really, He has) and all you have to do is acknowledge it (Wow - I have a God-given talent for this); acknowledge how you feel about it (and I LOVE this!) and then take it to it's logical conclusion - (I love this gift and I'm going to take it to the limit, but I'm not going to make an idol of perfecting this gift.).

    So shift into high gear, set yourself a goal and see where it takes you. And post pictures. Many pictures, we can all admire your lovely handiwork (and let me assure you, that as someone who could bleed to death trying to sew on a button, I really love being able to admire the talent in others - it inspires me to pursue those things for which I have some inclination).

  2. Yes. This. "Miss Hearthie - you are putting so many conditions and unnecessary obligations on yourself." Pretty much nailed it there....

    1. I do a sort of version of this - I establish conditions which much exist before I can do [fill in the blank with whatever it is I wish to do]; I then spend enormous amounts of time and energy and resources establishing this arbitrary condition I've established in order to allow myself to do whatever it is I wished to do. The upshot - I never do it; I never pursue the thing I want to; and I continue to establish even more unmet criteria to overcome before I can think about doing what I want (or need) to do. It's a terrible rut and I'm having intense difficulty overcoming it. Causes me no end of frustration and unhappiness. (guess I'm trying to say that I empathize with having feelings that hold us back in some way - either from the pursuit itself, or from fully embracing it with joy)

    2. Yes. Exactly. Usually what I do is say, "I can sew when my chores are done" and then procrastinate about getting my chores done. Instead, if I get up and start sewing fairly early in the day, somehow my chores take less time to get done... mystery that. ;)

  3. As penance for your failure to acknowledge your gift, as Maeve points out, perhaps you could make me a blue 100% linen something? Pleeeaaaassse.

    Spoiled, indeed. Nice!

    1. LOL are you trying to steal DH's shirts? If you show up on my doorstep so I can stick pins in you, I will make you something. :)


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