Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Fire Fire..

Fire is a normal part of the life cycle of the chaparral that used to cover Southern California.  SoCal folks are used to periodic fires, generally in the fall.  (YOU have nice fall weather, I have an oven).  Yes, sometimes houses get burnt - but basically those houses are either newly built in areas still surrounded by chaparral, or way out in the boonies (aka also surrounded by chaparral).

This year the rules have gotten switched up.  It's May.  Generally speaking, May and June are (at least as close to the water as I live) relatively cool and - well, to be frank, disgustingly perfect.  Gentle breezes, soft sunshine, temperatures in the low 70s... yeah, it's a nice time of year.  Hey, people pay silly sums of money to live here for a reason!

This May ... well, a week before last, we had a week in the high nineties, and the humidity dropped to 3% for a couple of days.  Then last week we had normal weather.  And this week... well, today it hit 96.  Low humidity.  High winds.  Brush and grass that didn't get enough rain this year to truly green up in the first place.

So - we have fire.  (Picture out my front door, of the smoke from the nearest fires).

The fires themselves (at least at the moment) aren't too horrible.  And we're expecting normal weather again starting this weekend, which will quell them.

But ... but... it's MAY.  This is normal September behavior.

I'm fine - but I'm concerned.  This isn't good.  Unless God intervenes, this is going to be a very nasty summer.


  1. Yes. It's going to be horrible. We've already hit 90.....and it's snowing in Colorado. Not looking forward to August!

    1. I think we got up to 98 this week. That's a solid 25 degrees above normal. Even Santa Anas this early in the year generally hit the low-80s.

      They are looking suspiciously at these fires, even with the perfect fire conditions... I guess they're thinking "fire bug" for all but the one caused by the semi overturning. Even so, the fire officials are saying the same thing I'm saying, which is "May? We're in for it." That said, why do I get the, "God's got this", vibe so hard?

      Air smells like an ashtray today. Staying in. Very much in. -sneezes-


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