Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy Babble

I've had my eyes on this adorable pair of shorts (err, shorts pattern) for ages.  And ... I was looking at my current skorts on the line and they're really sad.  Really really really sad.  I know I only wear them to do yard work, but yikes.  (There are holes).

So.  Finally sucked it up and bought the pattern.  It is soooo cute.  I want you all to picture me waving this at you and squealing.  Here you go:  Now.  "Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!"  Also, bounce.  ;)

Oh sure I don't have them MADE.  And I have quite the sewing queue .... but still.  Aren't they just darling?

Yes, those are really shorts.  Shorts with big huge box pleats so that it looks like you're wearing a mini-skirt, but it's shorts.  :D

What's really cool (for me.... muahahaha) is that she's going to stop selling paper patterns for a while (she still sells downloadable patterns) to concentrate on her RTW line.  But I have a paper pattern.  Muahahaha!  And it's cute.

She's even localish - so I'm shopping small business and local.  :D  Yeah, nothing bad here.  Oh, except I gotta make 'em.  ;)  But that's probably not bad.

-bounces happily off to daydream-

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  1. I loooooooove those shorts! Who wouldn't look amazing in them?


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