Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Just to mess with Maeve

Lacework much?  :D

I was at the fabric store, theoretically just to get corset supplies.  And I walked up on this GORGEOUS lace on-60"-wide-cotton batiste.  It was begging to be a slip/petticoat.  Begging.  I think I heard it cry.

Well, of course it was crying.  The whole bolt was marked in stripes around the lacework with a weird yellow stain.  I thought, "eh.  I can tea-dye it".  But we always wash our fabric before anything else... even if we're going to dye it.  Yes, yes we do.

It washed out.  Totally.  I'm just going to make a simple waistband and hem it.  It really doesn't need anything else.  And I'll have enough left to make a cami that matches.  :)

Speaking of pretties... I put the embroidery pattern on my whitework shirt and have started work.  It's not the finest embroidery in the world (my handwork isn't what I'd like) but I think it's going to come out well.

So - that's what I'll be putting over the corset.  :D  You asked!


  1. Oh Yes I asked indeed! It's so pretty - what a lucky find! Are you going to dress up Betsy in your unmentionables so we can all admire?

  2. Also, things cry and beg to come home with me, but they're usually bakeware LOL. Or ice cream.

    1. Well ice cream... :) I stopped baking, darnit. I miss it.

    2. I've seriously cut down on it too, but sometimes that bug bites so bad :-)


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