Saturday, May 31, 2014

Make it better: Button Change

I don't make *everything*... my son needed a shirt without small print/plaid/with a collar, preferably medium in tone.... for a film he's going to be in this weekend.

I ran out to Penney's since we'd just been there to supply a growing boy with clothes.  Found a great shirt... except the buttons were awful.  Just - awful.  It's not so much the color (I quite like buff with blue) it's the flat plastic blah.  (They look much better in this picture for some reason).

I have a button stash that fills a gallon-size bag.... no problem to snag some better buttons.  These are the usual mottled plastic, only they're green instead of brown.  Nice for a boy with blue eyes, I think.

A fix that took me perhaps half an hour while watching youtube... and it makes a big difference.

It's in all the older style books - you can do this too.  If something is great, except the buttons are awful - get new buttons.  Easy peasy - and you wouldn't believe how beautiful some buttons are these days.  -swoons-

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