Sunday, May 18, 2014

Not taking yourself - and your skills - very seriously

I figured out something about myself this week.  I don't take myself very seriously.  I don't take my skills very seriously, and other than my annual push to learn something radically new, I don't take my sewing very seriously.

There's a lot of guilt-push-back on that, you know?  If I take my sewing seriously, then I'm going to pour more of myself into it, and then how am I available for my family at the drop of a pin?  It's a bit scary.

But.  I think it's time.  Because people keep telling me to "do something for myself" and you know what?  I don't WANT to lie in bed eating bonbons and watching romcoms (sorry).   That's not who I am, not who I *want* to be.

What I want is to be a skilled craftswoman.  And I want to make some money so that *I* feel serious and valued.  I can be all philosophical about this, but ultimately money is a symbol of value.  It's not my family that doesn't value me.  It's not my friends.  It's *me*.  So philosophizing about the value of wife/mother/homeschooler is ... moot.

I joined the American Sewing Guild yesterday, which is the only place that garment seamstresses congregate in my area.  A step in the right direction.

And I did quite a bit of sewing yesterday... some of which was instant gratification, and some of which was art.

I made a slip of the fabric I found ... just a simple, instant gratification project.  I'm not sure that I won't take the elastic out of this and replace it with a drawstring so I can put the fullness where I want it (and not where I don't) but.... here you go.  VERY quick and easy and thorougly satisfying.  (Also, for Maeve).

And I started work on my daughter's last dress.  Progressing and seeing what my machine will do.  I trimmed the edges last night (time consuming) and I think I will make a double-row of this "lace" effect at the base of the bodice to look like a strip of lace.  (There will be real lace at the hem).



  1. The slip is awesome - I love the fabric (it really made a perfect slip).

    You know, I think you're right to take your gift seriously (but not soberly) - it is a gift, but you know, sometimes we get this weird idea we can either enjoy our gifts/talent or we can take them seriously (but never both, heaven forbid). I actually had more to say but I'm out of time and well, you can seriously love the things you're good at, right?

    1. Admitting that you're good at them, and maybe you should try to be your best, is scary!

  2. but you know, sometimes we get this weird idea we can either enjoy our gifts/talent or we can take them seriously (but never both, heaven forbid).

    That's what I said!

    1. This is what gives Christians a bad name -or rather we get seen as people who can just suck the joy out of just about anything. And that's not only wrong, but also (IMHO) the opposite of what we should be doing. Delight in what gifts and talents - acknowledge that they bring pleasure to us and to others, and be grateful to Him for all of that.

      OK - all done ranting.

    2. Yes to both of you. I've been fun-sucking myself, or as my husband says, "chewing my nose in the corner".


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