Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A fighter! (Shirt #3 for the husband)

1) Somewhere along the way I realized that the problem with this shirt sloper is the problem with 99% of Big Four patterns - the armscye (the roominess of the armpit) is *way too deep*.   Of course that was after shirt #2 was sewn.
- Honey, your shirt fits fine around the front, fine around the back, that's the right amount of sleeve, why is it bunching under your arms?
- Bah humbug.  I'll remember this for the next run of shirts though.  I'm not going to throw myself off a cliff - most clothing is now made with ridiculous amounts of room in the armscye.  (It gives you more leeway in the torso fit - unfortunately it makes it difficult to move properly).

2)  This was meant to be my "perfect shirt".  Hah.  I don't know how, but somehow one sleeve ended up being narrower than the other, one shirt hem ended up being longer than the other... it ought to have been completed last night, but today I spent a couple of hours fixing those things.  :p

3)  But it's still pretty awesome... and who doesn't need a blue linen shirt?  Well, if you're a guy in an office anyway.  I like the grey stitching on this baby blue, and I like the pocket detail.  So - it might have fought, but I still call it a win.


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