Sunday, June 1, 2014

Plaid Shirt

I finally finished this!  Took a week off to ... um... deal with life?  :p  Seemed like there were several days there where sewing time just didn't happen.  I'm SURE that didn't have anything to do with me leaving off in the middle of the second front placket and before the collar.  Nope, not having to deal with fiddly bits and plaid ... that wouldn't be it.   Nope.

Learned:  This cotton gauze is just as fabulously soft and thin as it looks.  Yes, you CAN see the hanger through the shirt fabric with the flash.  It's that thin.

I still love the pattern.  Tie dyed navy plaid?  Gosh and golly, tots awesome.

But put gauze and plaid together?  That wasn't nice.  Stretching off of grain every chance it got.  I was strict, and it's pretty well matched - but I think I'll hold my plaid fantasies to wool or something closely woven from here on out.  (Watch me totally break my word if the charcoal ever comes back in stock).

It is NOT perfect.  But it's good.  Very good.  I found the most awesome buttons in my button stash, I think they pick the colors up well.

And DH has another shirt.  :)  Which he needed!  Two more to go - no plaid, just nice sensible linen.



  1. I Like. A lot. You did a wonderful job.

    Of course you already know that blue is my favorite color since you told me to put it on one of my kids and enjoy the view rather than wearing it myself, LOL.

    1. You can wear dark warm blue... I have some good options in Lace's DYT colors and the autumn pinboard. Think dark-washed denim, that'd be great on you - especially with some gold. (Possibly a deep yellow fabric).

      Oh hey, how about a dark-washed denim with a yellow blouse? Yes. That would be good. Or orange. I'm still holding out to see you in orange.

  2. Hearthie, the shirt looks wonderful. Very cool fabric.

  3. So I found this today in a very deep dark blue denim:

    And decided to get it since it was on sale and I had a few bucks. Maybe I'll show you a pic of me in it a little later.

    1. 1) I bet it looks better on you than the model. 2) That is not dark-wash denim. This is dark wash denim. :)

  4. Yes, the one I got is very dark wash. Much darker than the one linked. I couldn't find it on the website.

    And yes, I'm sure hubby will think I fill the skirt in nicely.


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