Monday, June 2, 2014

Pockets and Details

I'm working on shirt #2 (collar and plackets to finish tomorrow) and I did a few things differently.  (A few, she said...)

First, I'd seen somewhere in internet land that lining your pockets and turning them inside out was THE way to do perfect pockets.  I didn't do that on the last one, I didn't want the visible bulk on that gauze.  I didn't really want it on this linen either - too thick.  (I don't think self-lining is the way to go with shirt pockets).  But gathering the corners and turning things *perfectly* is a pain.  So ... I had a bit of cotton batiste in stash.  I cut matching pockets from the batiste and sewed them inside out.

Prior to pressing them down - you have to fidget with the edges to make sure they don't show.  I was hoping for a fidget-free solution, which this is not.  Worth a try though - I'm more pleased with these pockets than I was with either of the first two shirts I made.  

Quite pleased with the finished pocket - before stitching it on... 

And after stitching it on the shirt.  I added some decorative stitching too - I wasn't totally pleased with the margins around the pockets.  You'll see that tomorrow (hopefully).

As an aside, this is why we do a sample stitch before committing.  I wanted to check stitch length, but doing the "drape a length of thread over the fabric" testing - the darker looked really great and the lighter was sooo  bright and annoying.  Stitch test showed that the darker was going to be too dark.  These are the little things that make a difference..... 

And here's a sneak peek... I put this decorative stitching around the pocket, and have put it around the sleeve bands too.  (You want continuity in your decoration or it looks homemade rather than handmade).  

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  1. More blue, *sigh*. The shade of the shirt in the previous post speaks to me a bit more, but I love all shades of blue.

    I'll take your advice and try out some deeper blues for myself.


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