Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Shirt #2: Periwinkle Blue Medium-weight Linen with details

I finished the shirt!  :)  And DH says "he likes this one".  (Instead of throwing myself off a cliff in despair about what he must think about the other ones, I'm going to assume that this nails all his favorite colors).

Small comments on the details - you see I put the button-hole/blanket stitch (that's what it's called, you don't actually use it for buttonholes on a machine) on both sleeves and the hem.  I *almost* put it on the collar, but decided to keep it simple.

Things I love about making my own stuff - I can be persnickety about the colors of *everything*.  I am passionate about color, and getting it right, so this makes me really happy.

The buttons on this shirt are just the cold buff color that my husband's hair shines in the light.  He's not blonde, but he has very shiny ash brown hair.  I'm very pleased to have found some cool-toned brown buttons to use on his shirts.  (Same buttons on the next shirt).  Periwinkle is a very-nearly universal color - but this is a cold, light periwinkle.  (It was originally ordered as a shirt for me - but just a touch cool for me).

I'm also pleased to crank things up a notch and use the decorative stitches on my machine to produce a more hand-made effect to the final product.  I have a bit more learning to do.... but I'm *really* liking this level of detail for him.

Overall - is it perfect?  I wish.  But it's good.  It's better than the last shirt I made, and the next shirt will be better than this one.  Men's clothing is precise, and somewhat challenging.  I'm happy with the final product, and pleased to call it my own.  (And I'll be very pleased to see it on my hubs!)  (No, he doesn't try on anything.  He hates trying on clothing.  Hates it.  I got the first shirt  - with the stripes - on him and I'm just working from there).

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