Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fit the dress

I was quite pleasantly surprised - the dress fit fairly well out of the pattern paper.  For me.  :)

But this gives you a good idea of what "eh, fits okay" vs. "that's perfect" looks like... I give you before and after.

Before:  I've taken out 2" (per side) of the 3" I put straight down the middle.  Didn't need to be there.  No other changes at this point.   You can see how the dress is basically okay... but nothing to write home about.  I'm wearing my good bra, no petticoat. 

After:  I have put in a 1" slash through the bust seam (how you increase bust size in princess seams, thank you Sandra Betzina).  Snibbled a bit out of the seam above the bust.  Decreased the back waist and the back in general by a good chunk.  Moved the zipper up 4" - might have been the curviest part of the model, but it wasn't doing me any favors there, I could barely get it on/off.  (Hat tip to Lilacs and Lace for the "baste your zipper into your toile" advice - super SUPER helpful).  Snips here, snips there - made the armhole a bit bigger in the bottom, after taking some off the top.  The straps still want to slide off, I guess this will be an off-the-shoulder dress.  Not really a problem over the corset, my straps are somewhat optional.   (Yes, those are some serious tanlines... and no, I don't have a sunburn, I'm just very pink naturally).

Inexplicably, the hem that I oh-so-carefully prepared and measured ended up very uneven.  That's okay, it gave me a very good idea of where I'd like it to end up - it's in the perfect place as is.... so I'll be adding some length to even the longest bits.  (And decreasing the volume slightly.  I want a bit more sophistication for this).

Lesson learned?  Vintage sewing designs are meant to be worn over vintage lingerie - including bras that position your bust in certain places and petticoats to hold your skirts out.  If you want to look right, you need to wear the right underthings.

Oh, and lest you worry about the see-through factor - don't.  This is an old sheet.  Lined (even lightly lined) linen will be much more opaque.  :)

On to the jacket!


  1. OH I LOVE THIS DRESS! It's only the sheet, and it's still fabulous! Do you fit it with the corset on? What will be the actual fabric you use? Are you going to make a couple? (OK - I'm done with the toddler-like barrage of questions)

    1. LOL Maeve. The second picture is with corset (and batiste petticoat). The dress is fit to the corset, but works adequately with the "good bra" as well.

      I took some time out of sewing for busyness and because my sewing room is the patio, and it was 85 degrees in my patio for the past five days! But today I'm back at it - will get the lining done today and maybe cut the cover fabric.

      Yes, there will be more than one. The first one is going to be in a cream linen (lined in white) with the bolero (which is amazing but a pain in the rear to work with). The second I will cut at the same time, minus the bolero, minus the lining - and I'll make that one out of a turquoise baby-cord I've had in stash for a couple of years. So one for summer, one for winter.

    2. You know, Miss Hearthie, I rather like the slightly-off-the-shoulder look of the sleeve; it's just frames your neck and collar bone area so nicely. Plus if you wear a necklace or something, it won't compete for real estate with the sleeve, you know what I mean? You could always put in some discreet eslastic somewhere to keep the sleeve "clinging" into place, couldn't you?

      So - this is the dress I want DESPERATELY and I've been on South Beach faithfully so that I'm going to get into it and look fantastic! (I have someplace to wear it, too!)

      And THIS is the dress I want for schlepping around when it gets cooler here

      OK - now I'm off to the gym so that I get into those dresses LOL :-)

    3. Oooo! A destination! I like destinations... my pretty dresses get worn to church and out to dinner where I stick out like a sore thumb, lol.

      Yes, I can (and will) put something in the dress to keep my straps covered. The sleeves don't move. They're at an angle because of the full-bust adjustment, I'd have to mess with the curve (more) to fix that and it doesn't bug me.

      I have two beautiful statement necklaces just ACHING to get out of my jewelry box and worn....


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