Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Just Do It

DH has indicated he'd like me to be more alpha - more on top of things, more dynamic.

God has opened new doors for me to be more outgoing and alpha.

So... I'm going to start working on "just doing it" - and I'm going to post pictures of what I do.

Stupid Thing I Never Fixed #1

MIL had this little stool, and I find it incredibly comfortable.  Replaced my office chair with it, I like it so much.  But back when the kiddos were toddlers, the pale blue cover that MIL put on it got ruined.  I've just had a cat-throw on it for the last ten years.  (Lame, I know, sort of the point).

When we bought our dining table and chairs on craigslist, I had to recover all the chairs... and I've had leftover upholstery fabric in my stash ... for years.  Probably five now?  -sighs-

So today I took about an hour and made my chair fit to be seen.

I know I'm not the best upholsterer in the world, but it looks so much better!  And I rather like the orcas.  :)

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  1. Very Cute! I recovered my kitchen chairs with vinyl that looks like brown leather. They are so much easier to clean now.


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