Monday, July 14, 2014

Smoked Chicken Salad w/Cashews and Peaches

I should think with my mouth more often.... :)  This was really good - well, at least *I* thought it was the bomb.  The minions seem to have accepted it.  DH is still at work, so ... results to follow.

We smoked three chickens on Friday... the smoke flavor really adds a nice contrast to the peaches.


Make a basic chicken salad, only use smoked chicken if you can.  (Celery, scallions, onion, mayo, celery seed, salt/pepper).

Toast some roasted/salted cashews, and slice one large peach/person.  Tear up some lettuce.

Serve the chicken salad on top of the lettuce, next to the peaches, top with toasted cashews, still warm from the pan.  Crack some fresh black pepper over the top of all.  (Peaches and pepper are nice).


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  1. Looks very yummy Miss Hearthie. It might have to make an appearance on my dinner table.


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