Friday, July 25, 2014

The next thing

I had a bit of time this morning... so I started tissue fitting the next dress on my dolly.  This gives me a rough idea of how much messing with the muslin will need.

So... we can see at the outset that I'll want a start of 2" right down the middle.  Perhaps an inch at the side back - but otherwise this size looks like it will fit fairly well.  Oh, and I'm shortening it a foot!  Calf length skirts do NOT flatter me.

It's not that I don't like my calves and ankles - I'd like them better if I were thinner, mind you - they're curvy, muscular and feminine.  BUT - any skirt hemmed between the bottom of my kneecap and the top of my ankle is an instant matron-ifier.  You have slim calves with hardly a swell of flesh?  Go for tea-length skirts.  Not for moi!  Also, this is a solid color.  I usually use a 2/3 proportion on my clothes - so a skirt from waist to ankle is 2/3 of my body, but so is a dress from shoulder to knee.  Longer is good... but would look very formal - too formal for anything in my life.

I was going to make this fabric into a shirt-dress, but realized that this dress was calling it - the shirt dress in ivory linen was going to be too structured, too classic for me.
 This dress should be a staple for date nights and church dressing - and will be a dress I can wear to showcase some of the very pretty necklaces I've acquired and don't really have anything to wear with.    (I'll make the shirtdress up in a patterned voile or something that will move and drape and look organic - not lined linen!).

Here's a pin of the pattern so you can take a closer look.... it's out of print now.

 I'm pretty excited, it has some couture touches *in* the pattern, such as a zipper that's partially hidden in a side-seam zipper, a waist stay, and bound buttonholes in the bolero that goes with.  (Boleros are huge wardrobe builders for me - I wear them with all my little dresses.  An ivory bolero?  Let's just not go there).

So - since this really has the potential for awesomeness, plan on seeing me take my time and do things right!

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