Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thread tracing: Boring


I needed to get these pieces thread-traced before I forgot my extra seam allowances/smudged my marks up/whatever.  (Mostly I gave myself 1" seam allowances except in a few places where I went for 2").

So ... every piece got outlined.  Just outlined.  In colored thread.   I thread-traced where the pattern had the seams - so if I move something, I should be able to see right where the adjustment goes.  I'll be basting the muslin/toile together in black thread, but that gets basted/ripped out/basted again about a billion times before all is said and done, hopefully this will give me a solid starting point.

But very boring.  Took about an hour for the dress and bolero.  Finished three partial bobbins of colored thread.


I do feel virtuous though... :D

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