Sunday, July 20, 2014

Visual Discord: Or why I'm such a bossy wench about your clothes

Sometimes I can be the teensiest bit bossy about other people's clothing and color choices.  It's probably annoying, unless you have me along to shop with you, in which case it's annoying until you see yourself in the mirror.  (More than one victim has had this experience, although it's been a while).

The reason that I'm like this is that I see color very well, and I am emotionally affected by it.  Some colors make me very unhappy, some colors please me to no end.  That is a common experience - although mostly people don't notice how they feel around color.  I do.  It's like loud noises - everyone gets stressed out by loud noise, but some more than others.  (Put me on the "highly annoyed" list).

When I see a woman wearing the wrong colors or a style that doesn't work with her self, it's like someone hit the wrong note on a piano.  It makes me flinch.  It's not the woman wearing the clothes.  It's whatever is on her - be it makeup, hair, or whathaveyou.  It's not even me being judgy (although it can lead me there if I'm not careful).  It's just out of sync.  Irritating.

If I had my way, I'd have an army of seamstresses in my back pocket and limitless resources, and I'd just make people new wardrobes as I got to know them.  Really.  If you know me and you're female, it's probable that I've sat around mentally dressing you.  (Hopefully this is less creepy than the guy who mentally undresses you).  I guess I never grew out of playing Barbies.  /shrug.

I can get a good lock on your general season pretty quickly, getting a lock on your best colors takes a few hours and some trial and error, and style a bit more than that - I have to get to know you, and know you in more than one venue.  Reserved or playful?  Soft or efficient?  Do you need all eyes on you - or do you prefer a little space?  But I will play with it unless you stop me.  And until I get it nailed, it will bug me.

You.  Go put on some chocolate colored velvet.  Shoo.  Now you?  Slip into some jeans and a buttondown - stat.  Oh - you're gorgeous.  Here's some leaf-green chiffon.  Yes, wear it to the luncheon.  Go on.

It's like every woman I see is just a symphony waiting to play... if I could just.get.over.there.and.fix.that.hemline..........

So.  I'm bossy.  I know I'm bossy.  But - it's only because I love you.  You're beautiful.  Let's let your beauty OUT.


  1. I hereby issue you a standing invitation to come and purge my closet and dresser of anything you feel does not belong on my person. :-)

  2. I know what I love - I just don't have a lot of it. - corals - yes! cool pinks...not so much. Browns - yes. blacks - not so much...Turquoise and greens and blues - this year YES...last year - not so much. any thing that itches or rubs on my skin - no no no. Purples - yes. I could burn my whole closet tomorrow and be okay with that...but I would have nothing to wear...

    1. Looking at your color charts I think I am a spring followed by autumn...winter and summer don't have any colors I like...spring has every color I like and fall has about 50%. Now liking something doesn't mean I look good in it. But I would rather wear a color that makes me happy. My husband tried to buy a yellowish (goldenrod maybe?) shirt the other day - and I told him he is never allowed to wear that color. ever.

  3. I would think autumn for you, because I think the bright colors of Spring would be hectic on you. Also usually your darkest brown eyes are an 'autumn thing". But I'd go exotic on you... in accessories rather than base colors. I do think I might make a chart for you. :) Will let you know when I finish it.


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