Thursday, August 14, 2014

A little girl's bedroom

10yo's bedroom has needed re-doing for ages, but it's always a zoo in there, so I look in, blanche, and back out slowly.   This summer we've tackled it for good!  (14yo's room is next).

She got rid of ever so much stuff... I know that's hard to believe, but she did!

So - new curtains, you saw the fabric for those.  I wired fake peonies to the curtain clips (very easy to do) to bring the pink up top - would look simply dreadful if I'd not done that.  Purple walls.  New comforter and sheets - she didn't like my light pink vintage quilts.  And a chair - to encourage her to sit there and read.

Hopefully her new and organized room will help her have a newly organized school year!

I think you may be able to identify this as a girl's room from orbit.  ;)


  1. Well done, Mama. It's all so organized. Let's hope she can keep it that way.

    1. Setting her up for success. Hopefully?

  2. Adorable! Love those curtains. What a dream bedroom.


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