Saturday, August 9, 2014


Finished, finished, finished.


I'd take a pic, but frankly I'm not getting into my corset and petticoat at 8pm just to model.  Sorry.  ;)  Maybe I'll make you wait until I finish the bolero?  -evil laughter-

I'm very proud of my work here....  not like you can tell much from the hanger picture.  But the things you can see that matter:
- invisible hem
- look at that drape!  I got her on grain
- seams?
- there's a side zipper?

The whole thing is meant to be so well done that it just organically exists.  -pleasedface-

 Here's another picture (in focus, lol) of her insides.  Really well-done clothing should be nice on the inside.  Nice enough you'd not be shamed if someone saw you wearing your clothes inside out.  (Confused, mind you - but not ashamed).

And since you were all just holding your breath with anticipation, I give you my daughter's curtain panels.  You'll be able to tell that a 10yo girl lives in her room, possibly from space.  S'okay, I talked her down from Hello Kitty.  Or pink skulls.  These (oddly) are denim, so the opacity that she was going for (so her father's daughter, her room is already really dark) is a go.  (I want you to picture this in an lavender bedroom.  Go ahead.)


  1. It looks amazing Miss Hearthie - I can't wait to see you model it! Trick it out too with one of your necklaces, pretty please

    1. Will do. Maybe I'll try to get the bolero done as soon as the curtains are off my sewing table... wear the whole thing to church on Sat and take a pic first. A goal, at any rate.

  2. Very pretty! I love the curtains.


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