Saturday, August 9, 2014

HAD to go to fabric store

because 10yo needed curtains.

Found curtain fabric.  Pix later - it's in the wash.

But I walked by.  And I squeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaled.  I'd originally gotten this dress pattern for the cream linen, but it was just going to be TOO boring and stiff and classic on me in plain linen.

So.  Um.  I have been looking for a pretty, lightweight fabric that will drape and flow and ...

DH says it looks like someone ate a paint store and then vomited it up.  (Actually it's giant daisies, though I like the feathered effect so will cut it to show that rather than the daisies).  Harumph, say I.

Anyway.  We're painting a bedroom today and I'm not hemming but you still get pictures.  :D

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