Monday, August 25, 2014

Just a small moment of squee

So I was surfing the new McCalls patterns... and they actually had some cute, relevant, different patterns for the younger woman.  I was PSYCHED.  Not to mention I think I finally found the right skirt for my peplum jacket a la Gertie.  (Hey, that red wool is special - I'm not going to put it together with something less than awesome).

Then I saw that the two patterns that I was so enamored of were made by the same designer - a designer that I've got a fitting class on Craftsy to work though (I've watched it through, and it's good/has a different way of going about the changes, a way that makes soooo much more sense if you have a lot of odd changes to make instead of just one area of your body to change).  (I should work it through before hitting my paintbrush fabric dress...)

So - someone with some interesting and different ideas about fitting is coming on the scene, and she's making crazy and interesting patterns out of the Big Four ($2 on sale at Joannes about once/month if you're keeping track).  I couldn't be happier.  Oh wait.  I scroll down her blog and she's putting that fitting advice in a book.  Really?  REALLY?  A book?

Yeah, I know.  Fangirl moment.  But of someone whose name I didn't recognize, though I did recognize the face.

So here's the coat I think is awesome (though I think it would be better as a coat dress.  Probably because even one coat like this is insane here in SD county, and I'm planning to make a classic Vogue version):

And here's the skirt with some serious potential (check the way it's flowing):

I kinda like that top too.  Peplums are my friend - anyone with a bit too much tummy will feel the love.

Anyway.  I'll have pix of my son's room at some point this week...  we painted his room this weekend.  TOTALLY different than 10yo's room.  Totally.

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