Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Sweetest Friend

I know there is a section of the universe that finds it annoying when grown women refer to other grown women as their BFFs.  I am officially excepting myself from that annoyance... I've been best friends with the same gal for nearly thirty years.  

When I say, "BFF" I want you to hear "heart-sister".  K?  Or twin, my husband tells me that the two of us share a brain.  We've laughed, cried and danced together.  Skipped through the mall singing "We're off to see the wizard" together (no, we weren't drunk).  We were bridesmaids at each others' weddings and held hands while we had our babies.  She's diapered my kids, I've diapered hers.

When she had to move away, it took the last person an entire semester to stop calling me by her name.  We kept up the friendship, even across nearly the entire country.  Soon she'll live only four houses away from me.  I can't wait!

I love my dear sweet K almost as much as I love my husband or my kids.  She's *my* K, and we come as a matched set!  (The husbands know this, poor husbands).

She's so beautiful, she's always reminded me of a Waterhouse mermaid.

 If you wanted someone lovely inside, lovely outside, you couldn't do better than K.  I don't know anyone who dislikes her, and if I did I'd consider that an indication of dangerous insanity.   She has a strong gift of mercy.  She's just beautiful!

I'm feeling sentimental about her today, so I am sharing someone truly TRULY lovely with you.


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