Thursday, August 7, 2014

Progress, and I have issues

1) I have issues.  I really like the texture of good fabric.  I know.  You're shocked.  But I was cutting fabric last night and there was this tidbit of linen on the floor and I kept stepping on it and it felt so cool and soft and lovely ... -ahem-

2)  I'm a dork 'cause I forgot that corduroy is a napped fabric and thus had to recut one of my pieces.  Fortunately I have a lot of cord.

So.  What's done?

I made the lining - I wasn't sure that the test hadn't stretched a squink, and anyway getting it back onto pattern paper was interesting so I thought I should make the lining before cutting into the good fabric.  I can always pick up more cheap batiste - not so much more of my lovely linen.  Good thing I did - I had to enlarge things a tad.  Not much, but a tad.  Caution pays!

Last night I cut the dress in the linen AND in the cord.  Because it's just that awesome, and I need two dresses.  Probably won't wear the cord for a few months, but it will be good to be hooked up.  It doesn't need lining, since it's opaque.  I do a ridiculous amount of pattern prep with fitting and whatnot, there is NO reason for me not to make duplicates of flattering garments, particularly in vastly different fabrics.

Today I've been working on the dress - I am about to insert the lining into the dress and finish that - presumably I'll be able to hang it out tonight.  I hemmed the lining (I don't expect the batiste to get too opinionated, and anyway it's lining) but the dress proper will be the better for a hangout.  I will be hemming this one "properly" which means hem lace and hand stitching.


Oh, you thought I just did the lining for the dress?  Nope, I checked the bolero too.  And dannnng this is going to stretch my skills.  Already did, thank you very much.  I had to look up "how to make bar tacks for lining"... yeah.  Old patterns.  Higher expectations.  Word to the wise.

 Couture expectations?  I know you remember me whining about fitting this.  Three pieces/side on this bad boy.  Front/back/side.  Yes, it has sleeves, they're part of the front/back.  The side is its own thing.  Check out those angles!  So acute that you have to reinforce them with organza... can you say yikes?  Yes you can!

The "winter version" of my dress will be made in this yummy hot-turquoise (okay, really it's Chinese blue) corduroy.  You're welcome.

I keep trying to describe the color of this linen... it's so lovely.  Just, this cream that's really the lightest possible peach color, it's not brownish or yellowish like oyster or ivory.  I'm calling it pearl, because I have pearls just this shade.

So, back to the sewing den - as I said, I'm pretty close to having the dress done other than hemming.  Onward!

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