Sunday, September 21, 2014

First Quick Muslin

The torso fit worked pretty well off the books - I took out a CHUNK at the base of my neck (guess all that T-Tapp got rid of the fat pad there) but basically the modifications I made are good.  No FBA needed, to my shock.

(Yes I could do a nicer job of sewing my muslins.  :p)

Decisions made - one nice button and I'll want to make a tie.  (That's a bathrobe tie, I thought it would be about the same thickness as wool).

I'm fighting with the sleeve at the moment.  I never make long sleeves so the extra room that the pattern said was there was NOT enough room if I want to, say, move my arms at all.  :p

When I get things pretty much how I like them, I'll add the collar.  I want to make sure it's proportional to my short self.

If you think I've gone off track and you live where it, say, gets under 50 degrees for more than an hour or two?  Feel free to leave comments!


  1. Hearthie, I can't get the link to the coat dress pattern to work :-(

    What fabric are you going to use?

    1. Try this one :) It's going to be a charcoal wool, probably with a golden brocade lining. I'm thinking over the lining, I don't want it to be too stiff ... I've bought it already, years past. But probably. ;)

    2. Wow! What a great silhouette. You know, if you don't line in gold brocade, a steel blue damask-y fabric would be cool too.


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