Sunday, September 14, 2014

Old-School Way of Life

A lot of the time, I think that everyone knows everything that I know, or at least the things I take for granted.  And then I bump up against the fact that some of the things I know have gone so out of vogue that they're radical new ideas in health or homemaking.

So.  My mom is old enough that she was a kid before they had the polio vaccine.  It used to be called the summer sickness.  My grandma *enforced* mandatory summer napping, to help reduce her kids' chances of getting sick.

*I* remember being sent **to bed** whenever I was sick with anything much more than the sniffles.  Do you remember that rule?  If you're sick enough to stay home, you're sick enough to stay in bed.  And in bed I would stay, until I was back up to "sniffles".  It wasn't under discussion (although mom would deliver fresh lemonade and homemade chicken soup).  I also stayed home from school until I was well.  It was totally normal to be out of school for a week because you had the flu.  (It was also normal not to have everyone in a class out sick.  Yeah.  Concept - you didn't bring your sick self out in public).

I remember being stuck outside in the sun, to bake out a cough.  And being made to get fresh air and sunshine.  I learned, "two vegetables for every supper, one orange, one green, one raw, one cooked" at my mother's knee.

So when folks insist on going to work sick as dogs or won't take rest or won't get a bit of sun or won't eat their veggies.... it drives me absolutely bonkers.

Sorry for sitting on this vital info folks - I thought you knew!

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  1. I've heard the sunshine one, and I had to stay in bed too, but the vegetable one is new to me. My mom was terrible about giving us vegetables, lots of potatoes though.


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