Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Much Delayed Coat Project

I dug through my boxes of patterns....

Did some ironing of paper.....

And de-taping (what was I thinking?  Wait, no, I know... so glad I know a better way to fit princess seams now!)

And pinning...

And anyway it wasn't five billion degrees in the patio today...

So - we have the beginnings of the Much Delayed Coat Project

Doesn't look impressive - but I've figured out the following:  1) I want to increase the size of the front piece by 2" and the side-front by 1" (on both sides).  2) I have committed to the ankle-length version of this coat (yes, I bought enough fabric).  I neither need nor want to increase the rest of the coat (well, at least until I muslin it - that's what those are for).  I'm 5'2" - doing increases where I need increases is a better plan than starting from a bigger overall pattern.  Everything *else* goes out of whack.

Next up, I'll muslin from about hip up - just a quickie, to see how much of an FBA I'll need after I add that much room to the aforementioned pieces.  After I plot out the FBA, I'll make a full length muslin, to check proportions of everything.

Here's hoping the weather stays cool!

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