Monday, September 8, 2014

When life hands you lemons

Life is going to be interesting around these parts for a while.  So - how do you cope when you are expecting a high-stress season in your life?

Fill up the bucket.  Don't fritter your life away.  Make conscious choices.  (And God.  First, last, always).

Fill up the bucket.
-  Do the things you know you need to do to take care of yourself.  Take exercise.  Eat right.  Get plenty of sleep.  Spend time with your spouse/kids.  Spend time alone.  You know all that stuff you know you are supposed to do, and you kinda/sorta do it?  Do eet.  No excuses.
-  There will be days when you hit up the unhealthy life-crutches (hot fudge, I'm talking about you). Reduce these to the absolute minimum.  If this is going to be a stressful season, not a stressful day, you cannot afford the side effects.
- Feel free to use healthy crutches liberally.  Chamomile tea?  You betcha.  Vitamin B?  Yep.  Long hot baths with lovely bath salts?  Yeah, baby.  Treat yourself with kindness.

Don't fritter your life away.
-  Figure out how much time is okay to flick-flick-flick through the social media - and limit yourself.  The answer to your stress and your problems is not on facebook.  Or popcap.  Or WoW.
-  Do, do the things that are important to you, work on your goals.  Did you want to learn paper mache?  Well, find a book or a class.  Did you want a room clean?  Stress is *excellent* for cleaning power.  Can be slow to start, but once you get going... there's definitely a certain satisfaction in scrubbing things.
- Don't just sit there.  It doesn't help you to sit and fret.  Or sit and pretend that you're not fretting.

Make conscious choices.
- So how are you going to work realio trulio extra veggies and miles on your treadmill into your life?  I dunno - but I'm sure that you do.  Sit down, think it out, insert it into your life.  Don't be mean about it, figure out how to slide these good things in sensibly, sensitively, and joyfully.
- Think about the things that will help you cope with whatever the stressful situation is.  Long-term move?  Research the new neighborhood.  Start packing and sorting as early as possible.  Illness in the family?  Start making freezer food.
- Find and make connections with folks in your circle.  Most folks will help at least a little, especially if you know exactly what you want them to do and have thought it out before hand so you're asking the person who is *always* at the store to pick up a spot of extra milk and ask the neighbor with five kids to drop yours off with hers rather than vice versa.
- Be organized.  Be prepared.  If this is a season, do as much thinking-ahead as you can.  You can't catch every eventuality, but if you've got a "this day just sucks completely" plan in place... hey.  It's better to have an umbrella if it looks like rain, right?

I do have a few pictures to post eventually.  I sewed up 2/3 dresses for my daughter, not that I'm too excited about them.  The last one is ready to assemble - it's been too hot to sit in my outdoor patio to sew.  And 14yo's room will have pix eventually too... when he's done sorting and decorating.  :)  Patience!


  1. Nice timing on this post Miss Hearthie

    1. If I only didn't know someone for whom this post was timely, I would be happier. Just about everyone I know is going through a wringer. :(


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