Friday, October 24, 2014

Chicken broth in the crockpot

If I buy organic chicken, I save the bones for broth.  But it's been too hot to make broth on the stove... so I put this in the crockpot and left it.  Worked well - and I got a much longer simmer than I'd get on the stove, which means more lovely minerals in the soup for us!  (More than one soup, I thin it down and flavor it).


Take your chicken carcasses, a head of garlic (take the root off), some bay leaves, a bit of pepper - and I threw in some tarragon.  All dry spices, this is gonna boil and boil and boil some more.  Throw all in a crockpot.  Add water until mostly covered.  Lid up, turn on low.

Leave it for a while.  This one went 24 hours.  Love a crockpot, yes I do.  Going to use this with beef bones, yes I am.

Strain the broth out, keep the bits.

Put the broth in the fridge, this will separate the fat easily.  You can keep it if you want, it's organic, right?

Fish the bits of meat out of the strained bits, refrigerate.

Then make your soup.  :)  I'm going to put a bit of kale, some wild rice mix, mushrooms, celery, carrot and onion in mine.   Later.  ;)

Nothing to show on the coat for a while.  Spent three hours yday finishing the hand work on the other five buttonholes and putting the hair cloth on the back of one of the fronts.  Will put the second piece of hair canvas on the second front today.  Yes, I could use fusible interfacing, but hair canvas has more presence.   Anyway I want to play with the shaping a bit with the collar.  It's fun to shape the cloth with your stitches.  Feels a bit magical.  Stitches and steam, you'd be amazed what you can do with wool with stitches and steam.

This is fun but really, you can see a pattern piece covered with Z shaped stitches.  Not too exciting.


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