Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pretty Things

Elspeth was talking about learning to crochet and how good it is to make pretty things after a hard day maintaining order amidst chaos.

Yes, yes, a million times yes.  This used to be the old way of doing things, and as I (admittedly) sit here behind my computer screen ... I mourn the restful evenings with a pretty bit of thread in hand.

For you, dear friend:

My grandma made doilies after her hard days as a farm wife.  For heaven's sakes, don't be insane like yours truly and try to start teaching yourself to crochet here.  (Yes, I did.  Really.  See:  Why I don't know how to crochet).   This is one of a pair, it's meant to be starched up in a ruffle (there goes a couple of hours of work, just with the starching) and put under a lamp.

I remember my other grandma sitting in her easy chair, chilling out with Grandpa while he watched sports on TV, working some cross-stitch or needlepoint.  I have rugs that she made in those evenings, and a lovely Christmas tablecloth covered with poinsettias.

If you've got the eyesight sufficient to see across a few thousand miles, you can catch my husband working in the garage on something fiddly after a long day at work.  It's *satisfying*.

Creation, beauty - it's not always 'work'.  Sometimes it's just being part of making the world a nicer place.

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  1. I can't crochet, but I know gorgeous when I see it. That doily is BEAUTIFUL!!! I think I need to start tatting again - that's the closest I can get. (Knitted lace is for shawls, in my world. 😃)


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