Monday, October 13, 2014

Why do these clothing posts take so long?

1)  Nibbled to death by ducks

2)  Fitting

We've talked about #2 before, right?  I don't fit anything out of the package.

I took my muslin to my ASG meeting on Saturday for constructive criticism.  The ladies there told me I needed to give myself a bit more ease in my back/side princess seams, widen my shoulders by a good inch (!!) and drop the armscye a bit.  (Glory be, it was too high - almost never happens).

Spent some time this afternoon making what are hopefully the last changes to my main pattern pieces.

A couple of pictures of my poor slashed, spread, taped and abused pattern for your amusement.

I'm hoping that the next muslin will be the last muslin - I am making it full length and will thread-trace the hems, and will also cut the collar to make sure it matches up and is in proportion to my figure.  (If I'm making a custom garment and going to all this trouble, there's little point in not checking that sort of thing - I'm 5'2" so there might be adjustments.  Might not.  But there's only one way to tell!

Someone remind me to buy surgical tape.  Regular tape doesn't iron... and I'm out of papertape.

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