Friday, October 24, 2014

Why an overcoat?

Why are you making an overcoat?

I'm making an overcoat because...

1) I don't have one.  I don't have a coat, unless you were talking about the trench I scored a few years back that is two sizes too big for me?  No?  Then I don't have a coat.

2) Wait.  You don't have a coat?  But I guess... you live in SoCal, you don't  need a coat.  Sure, I don't need a coat... mostly.  I mean.  I might need one a few days, maybe a few weeks out of the year - if that. Unless I want to leave the area between October and April, of course.   In which case, probably my hoodie won't hook me up.  (There is nothing that drives me more bonkers than seeing kids dropped off to school in driving rain wearing cotton hoodies without so much as an umbrella... )

3) You could make a whimsical coat.  Or a cheap coat.  Or ... well, why so classic, why are you messing with the hand tailoring, why put so much time and effort and cash in?  Because I'm planning to have this coat for at least a decade, if not more.  Even if (please!) I lose a ton of weight, I can take this coat in... and since it fits my proportions, that might not matter if I wear a really fluffy sweater or two underneath.

4)  All the other girls have one.  Yeah.  I'll 'fess up.  Part of why is the simple joy of taking on a big challenge and making something impressive.  An overcoat can be made amazing if you choose your own lining and details.  And I'd NEVER spend the kind of cash on myself that a coat like this would cost if I bought it.  (Frankly I'd probably balk at spending the amount of money I've spent just on supplies).

5)  Fit.  Something like this ... fit properly... to me... yeah, that's a big deal.

So.  I spent an hour doing hand-tailoring today.   It was soothing ... and frustrating, because I looked up and said, "I've spent that long and I only have this to show?"  But that's okay.  Hair canvas has a certain gravitas.
I just felt chatty tonight... winding down before bed.  :)

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  1. Every grown up girl needs a grown up overcoat LOL


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