Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Teaser: Or, what I did to redeem a no-good, very-bad day

Today we were *supposed* to get my 10yo daughter's braces off... and then she and her brother had a field trip scheduled to Legoland.  What a busy, happy day!

But 10yo woke up with a fever.  We took her to the orthodontist, vaguely hoping he'd still pry off all that metal.  Nope.  No ortho.  And no Legoland.  I got BFF to take my son to his field trip (I had all the passes) so at least he didn't have to stay home.  10yo and I hung out... she coughed, played Minecraft, and took a nap.

Me?  I took the extra day at home with nothing planned and started on my Christmas sewing.  (I know, I said I wouldn't do any.  Did you believe me?)

Eees plushy and soft and squish.  Have I mentioned that I have a textile PROBLEM?  :)


  1. It's frustrating when they get sick, we had to cancel everything the week after Hawaii because everyone got sick. This week it's in the 20's outside and it's driving me crazy to stay inside. We might have to make a family visit to the gym for my sanity. Are you making a nightgown? Very feminine color, pretty. I like it, Hearth.

    1. Yep. For 10yo. Then another one for my mom. Don't tell! :D


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