Saturday, November 1, 2014

Thanks, Mood!

I've been looking for the right fabric for a cape for my daughter.  She, as you may have noticed, is a typical 10yo, with a passion for Hello Kitty, pink, purple and pastels... and you may NOT have noticed that she's only a few inches shorter than I am.

Does everyone remember the lovely Chanel-like emergency jacket that I made for her, the year we randomly had temperatures in the 30s... for a month?

Ah.  Well.  I'm a little sad that I didn't take the time/have the time to properly tailor the front of that jacket... but it's as well, because it was too small the year after.  -sighs-

So when I was at the ASG meeting and they had a pile of "take what you want", I snagged a cute cape pattern.   My thinking is that even though I expect she will grow like a weed for the next few years, a cape won't get instantly outgrown.

And then the fabric search was on.  I wanted a wool - the point is to be mildly waterproof and pleasantly warm, and to last.  *She* wanted purple or pink or light pink or light purple or light blue... I wanted a color that wouldn't scream "little girl" next year when she's in middle school.

First I hit Fabricmart, they of the wonderful and regular sales.  Glory be!  They had a bright purple wool flannel and a BRIGHT pink (the shade of her bedsheets).  Hooray!  I shall wait for a sale...

I waited a whole week for a a sale - but I guess all the Anna and Elsa costumes ate up that wool (lovely stuff) because it was *gone*.  -sigh-

Page after page wandered along... I found a cute purple plaid at Sunni's online shop, and she had a sale... why wasn't her sale working... dangit it
ended yesterday.

Flick.  Flick.  Flick.  Well.  I know Mood has a website, and they tend to be expensive, but why not take a look?  OH!  Look at the pretty rose - a more sophisticated shade of pink, and *just* the color of her lips... in a plaid with a brown the shade of her hair... Oh!  And *this* wool is half the price of the other wools... I guess it's a closeout.

-click to order-

Thanks, Mood!  :)

(PS I have flu, which while not particularly unpleasant, has left me energy-free... so I'm not sewing.  Shopping yes.  Sewing no.)

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  1. Beautiful plaid and going to look amazing on your daughter. What a cutie-pie!


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